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Running with your dog

We all know more or less how we should act when we are running on our own around our fellow racers. But, running with your furry pal is a little different. We want your race day experience to be a great one for you and your pup! The following guidelines are in place to ensure your day is fun and safe.


  1. If you and your furry race buddy are not competitive runners or if this is your first 5K running with your dog, please start at the back of the pack of runners.

  2. If you are a walker (with or without a dog) start at the back of the pack. All human-only runners should be at the front of the pack.

  3. For all runners, with and without dogs, please keep to the right side of the trail at all times.

  4. If you and your dog are a competitive runners who runs 5ks regularly, start at your appropriate part of the pack (fastest runners in front), but still off to the side and maintain the right side when there are no other runners in the area.

  5. Please keep your dog on a leash at all times. We would appreciate if you did not use retractable leashes. Instead, use a regular leash (preferably 4 feet or shorter) and keep the leash and your dog close to your side. If you only have a retractable leash, please lock it at 4’ for the duration of the race.

  6. All registered dogs will receive several poop bags in their race packets and we will be giving out extras as needed. Please carry it with you during the race. If your pup needs to stop to do their doggy business, please use the bag and leave it on the side of the race course in the grass, far enough out of the way but visible from the road if possible. Volunteers will come by after the race to pick up and dispose of all bags. [If you are at the starting line, please go ahead and dispose of the bag in the available trash bins].

  7. Please do NOT put your race number on your dog. You must wear your race number in order to qualify.

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